Oilfield Drilling Equipment for Sale
We are one of the largest oil field equipment suppliers from China. Our products are mainly used in oil, gas, geothermal and water well field drilling.
  • Fishing Tools
    Fishing Tools
    Fishing tools are the most widely used, most used, and the most complete varieties and specifications of oil and water well overhaul construction.
  • Mud Pump Parts
    Mud Pump Parts
    Mud pump parts are consist of liners, hy-chrome mud pump liner, chrome-plated liner, hardened steel liner valve and seat, etc.
  • Valve
    Saigao provides high-quality valves with excellent sealing performance. If you are looking for oil and gas equipment companies, please give us an opportunity to cooperate with you.
  • Mud Pump
    Mud Pump
    Saigao mud pumps have reasonable structure, stable operation, excellent performance, beautiful shape and optimized parameters.
  • Manifold
    Manifolds are necessary oilfield equipment to control well surges and implement pressure control technologies for oil and gas wells.
  • Cementing Tools
    Cementing Tools
    Saigao cementing tools are simple in structure, safe and reliable, high in strength, good in spring performance and easy to use. We are one of the most professional oil & gas drilling companies you can trust.
  • Drilling Tools
    Drilling Tools
    Saigao is a gas & oil field services company offers drilling tools. Each component of the drilling tool is made of high-quality seamless steel pipe, which has excellent physical and mechanical properties.
  • Oil Country Tubular Goods(OCTG)
    Oil Country Tubular Goods(OCTG)
    Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) is a seamless pipe used in oil, gas, and geothermal wells that needs to meet a variety of standards such as API (American Petroleum Institute).
  • Filtrating Equipment
    Filtrating Equipment
    Slot-Screen-Perforated Pipe mainly including continuous slot screen, pipe base screen, perforated tube, slotted pipe, sieve plate, water strainer, gas strainer, casing pipe, oil tube, collar, centralizer.
  • Rubber
    Ultra rubber linings designed to withstand and resist abrasive, outperform in the harshest conditions.
  • Sucker Rod, Pump Unit, Sucker Rod Pump and Parts
    Sucker Rod, Pump Unit, Sucker Rod Pump and Parts
    Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps can be sunk into wells in sequence as follows: barrel is run down to the setting depth on the tubing and then plunger with the standing valve on the rod string.
  • Wellhead Equipments
    Wellhead Equipments
    The wellhead consists of three components: the casing head, the tubing head, and the 'christmas tree and is used to manage the extraction of hydrocarbons from the underground formation.
  • Cyclone
    Fluid cyclone is a common separation and classification equipment, and the principle of centrifugal sedimentation is commonly used.
  • Ceramic Products
    Ceramic Products
    Industrial ceramics, that is, ceramics for industrial production and industrial products.
  • Coupling
    A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power. The primary purpose of couplings is to join two pieces of rotating equipment while permi...
  • Large Metal Fabrication
    Large Metal Fabrication
    Shandong Saigao Group Corporation is selling Oversized forgings and Oversized castings, has many years of experience in supply of forgings and castings, and exports to more than 50 countries and regio...

Downhole motor is to convert the high-pressure fluid power of mud into mechanical energy for bit rotation.

lt is widely used in the oil fields and my directional well and horizontal well, cluster wells, etc.

Featured Products
Featured Products
Application Of Oilfield Equipment
Saigao provides high-quality oil and gas drilling equipment with excellent sealing performance. If you are looking for
oil and gas equipment companies, please give us an opportunity to cooperate with you.
Saigao Group specializing in design, research, and development, processing, and manufacturing. sales and export of machinery equipment, with leading products comprising various kinds of mudpumps, down-hole motors, any kinds of screen pipes, cementing tools as well as any kinds ofwellhead equipment.