SAIGAO produces mud pumps, choke kill manifolds, mud manifolds, unions, various types of valves, other drilling accessories and hydraulic fittings in accordance with international standards.

Our products are widely used in industrial pipelines such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power stations and engineering support, and can provide special products according to user requirements.

Petroleum extraction methods include self-spraying oil recovery and mechanical oil recovery.

Self-spraying oil recovery is a production method in which the pressure of the underground oil-bearing layer is high, and the crude oil can be ejected from the wellhead by its own pressure. Mechanical oil recovery is an oil recovery method that uses various types of pumps to extract crude oil from wells.

Different geological conditions and different oil properties use different mechanical mining methods.

Oil and Gas Equipment for Sale

Oilfield Drilling Equipment for Sale

Applications of Oil and Gas Equipment

Applications of Oil and Gas Equipment
  • Drilling/Mud Drilling/Mud
  • Cementing Cementing
  • Downhole Operation Downhole Operation
    Downhole Operation
  • Oil Fracturing Oil Fracturing
    Oil Fracturing
  • Oil Production Oil Production
    Oil Production
  • Well Testing Technology Well Testing Technology
    Well Testing Technology
Application Of Oilfield Equipment

Drilling, in narrow sense, refers to the process of uinge a drill bit to directly break the rock. When drilling, use enough pressure to press the drill bit onto the bottom rock and let the edge of the drill bit eat into the rock. The drill string is connected to the drill bit, and the drill bit is driven to rotate the drill bit to break the rock, and the well is gradually deepened. The pressure applied to the drill bit is called the weight-on-bit.

Cementing process is conducted to bond and support the casing process. Cementing tools or equipments plays an important part in oil and gas equipment because they are often used by people in the drilling operation.

Downhole operation is a technical means to ensure the normal production of oil and water wells in the process of oilfield exploration and development. To ensure the normal production of the oil and water wells, it is significant to conduct downhole operations on the oil and water wells where problems and failures occur.

Oil Fracturing means hydraulic fracturing and it is also informally referred to as "fracking". It is a step or a process in the oil and gas well development, which usually involves injecting water, sand and chemicals into bedrock formation through oil wells under high pressure.

The task of the oil production project is to make oil and gas flow into the well through a series of engineering and technical measures that can be applied to the reservoir. The well is efficiently lifted to the ground for separation and measurement; the goal is to economically improve the well and oil recovery.

The oil and gas equipment can also be used with the well testing technology to see the routine evaluation of energy distribution and the guidance of injection and adjustment. The combination can guide multi-storey explore and tap the potential and evaluation of various measures, which gradually form the application model of well testing in low permeability reservoir and guide the development of oil field effectively.

Oil and Gas Equipment FAQs

More knowledge about oil and gas qeuipment helps you choose the right ones
  • What are the most common equipments used in oil and gas industry?
    Equipments such as fishing tools, mud pumps and mud pump parts, different types of valves and drilling tools are often seen in the process of oil and gas production.
  • How can oil and gas equipments help in drilling
    Oil drilling is an intricate process that is about both the drilling and pumping of the oil from underground wells. The oil drilling is complicated because the overall process involves a lot of pieces of oil and gas equipment and tools. In other words, different types of oil and gas equipments have their special functions in ensuring a safe and efficient drilling process.
  • How to choose the right equipment in drilling operation
    When choosing equipments or tools for underground drilling operation, you may take these factors into consideration to ensure a safe and efficient process:
    · Conditions of the ground;
    · Depth of bore holes;
    · Direction of boreholes;
    · Power of the drilling rigs.
Oil and Gas Equipment FAQs


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