Well Testing Technology

The Research and Applications of New Well Testing Technology in Low Permeability Reservoir

According to the characteristics of low permeability reservoirs, from pressure monitoring technology condition analysis, to take whatever to shorten the time we on the reservoir pressure measuring the regularity study, adopting early data interpretation and 2 flow test technology combining different reservoirs adopt different interpretation and testing methods, in the use of advanced logging interpretation method at the same time according to different reservoirs in testing techniques in the breakthrough, define different seepage condition of the reservoir reasonable testing work system, scientific and reasonable testing time for both can satisfy parameter calculation requirements, while again not for too long time shut-in to affect yield, effectively shorten test cycle. A good solution to the dynamic monitoring of crude oil production Wells with long time, the conflict between causing an indirect increase production time and improve production well.

The Research and Application of the Low Permeability Reservoir's Well Testing Technology

Well Testing is an important technology in oil field development, and it is also the foundation of the adjustment of injection and development program, of the evaluation and selection of the measure and of the fine reservoir description, which is considered as the “stethoscope” of the oil field. This paper is based on the heterogeneous reservoir of Jurassic and fractured wells of the Triassic, through the characteristics of the testing curves, combining with the characteristics of the reservoir to analyze the causes of it and recognize the law of low permeability reservoir; and applied to the oil field development, in addition to routine evaluation of energy distribution and the guidance of injection and adjustment, which can value the development and technology policy of oil field, besides it can also recognize the front and the effect of water injection; it can guide multi-storey explore and tap the potential and evaluation of various measures, which gradually form the application model of well testing in low permeability reservoir and guide the development of oil field effectively.