Downhole Operation

Downhole operation is a technical means to ensure the normal production of oil and water wells in the process of oilfield exploration and development. Oil and natural gas buried in underground kilometers or kilometers is a valuable underground resource and an indispensable resource for the country's modernization and the people's material and cultural life and the development of human civilization. In the long-term production process, oil and water wells are constantly corroded by underground oil, gas and water, gradually aging, and various types of failures occur, resulting in oil and water wells not being able to be produced normally or even stopped. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out downhole operations on the oil and water wells where problems and failures occur, so that the oil and water wells can resume normal production.

Downhole operations are carried out in the field, with great mobility, difficult environment, and multi-work collaborative construction; oil, natural gas, hydrogen sulfide, etc. are flammable and explosive toxic substances, and there are many hidden dangers in the production process. Large, if the protective measures can not keep up, not only affect the production schedule and reduce the quality of construction, but also lead to a decline in the physical fitness of workers and threats to their lives. Therefore, "safety first, prevention first", and safety production is one of the important management contents of production managers at all levels, which should be highly valued, implement safety production responsibility system at all levels, and strictly implement various rules and regulations and underground operations. Technical operation procedures, increase the safety supervision mechanism for underground operations, and eliminate hidden dangers in the bud. Strictly abide by the post and work closely together to ensure the safety of the construction personnel, equipment safety and construction safety.

The contents of underground operations mainly include oil and water well maintenance, oil and water well overhaul, oil layer transformation and oil test.