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ZTCM 300/7 Three Cylinder Protable Drilling Rig Mud Pump System

ZTCM 300/7 Three Cylinder Protable Drilling Rig Mud Pump System
ZTCM 300/7 Mud Pump is horizontal three cylinder reciprocation single acting piston pump.
It is widely used in mining, drilling, coal, railway, highway, water conservancy and hydro-power,bridges, high-rise buildings, foundation reinforcement work.
Advanced product design,reasonable structure,high pressure,flow,multi-file variable, energy saving, light volume, efficiency, plant life, sage operation, easy maintenance.
Main Features of mud pump:
Compact structure, light weight,small volume,beautiful appearance,is driven by a hydraulic motor,electric power or diesel engine with high stability and high pressure.

ZTCM 300/7:
  • ZTCM 300/7
  • 84314310

 Technical specifications of ZTCM300/7 Mud Pump

Horizontal three cylinder reciprocating single acting piston pump
Cylinder diameter 70mm
Stroke 70mm
Input  speed
690 800 900 1275 1350
FlowL/min 154 179 201 285 300



shape sizemm
Weightkg 208

SAIGAO can manufacturing mud pumps and components as below:
3NB Series: 3NB-75/3NB-100/3NB-120/3NB-125/3NB-150/3NB-180/
4NB Series: 4NB 500
5NB Series: 5NB-125/5NB-175/5NB-175A/5NB-175B/5NB600
BW Series:BW-80/BW--90/BW-120/BW-150/BW-400/BW-450/BW-600/
NBB Series: NBB260-7/ NBB280-8/ NBB360-10/ NBB390-8
Four cylinder: Four cylinder 850-8/ Four cylinder 1200-10/ Four cylinder 1200-12/ Four cylinder1300-15/ Four cylinder1500-12
W Type: W-446

Grouting Pumps for Trenchless Pipe Jacking MachineBW90/BW150/BW200/BW250/BW320
Pumps for Directional Drilling Rig MatchingBW320/BW450/ BW600/ BW1200/ BW1500
Pumps for Core Drilling: BW150/ BW160/ BW250/ BW320
Grouting Pumps for Building Engineering: BW100/5, BW150, BW250, BW320/ BW350
Pumps for Water Well Drilling: BW600/3, BW850/2, BW850/5, BW1200/7
NBB Series Pumps for Coal Mine: BW260/7, BW280/8, BW360/10, BW390/8
Grouting Pumps for Pile Machine: BW150, BW250, BW320, BW350
High Pressure Rotary Jet Pump:XPB-90, XPB-90E, ZJ/BP-90
3NB Series Mud Pumps: are suitable to oil, water well, geothermy, CBM, shale gas, coalfield exploration, freezing well as well as well other drilling ,well cementation, work over and other operations in industrial and mining enterprises.
F Series Mud Pumps: are apply to the high pressure pump in oilfield. It has long stroke maintaining operation at lower frequency, which result in enhancing the performance of giving water effectively and prolonging the lifetime.
Full set of accessories for above pumps can be supplied according to the requirements. 


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