Double Plug Cement Head

Saigao double plug cement head is a special tool for grouting and releasing rubber plugs. Two rubber plugs can be installed at the same time, which can be used for both conventional double plug cementing and continuous two-stage cementing operation.

1. Equipped with quick-release joints, easy to connect, and can be connected with API long round buckle / short round buckle / partial trapezoidal buckle, wide application range.

2. Double-balanced pipe structure. When using the lower interface for cementing operation, the pressure at the upper and lower ends of the rubber plug is the same, which eliminates the effect of negative pressure suction on the blocking pin, and the blocking pin is easily opened.

3, dual indicator structure, accurately display the passage of the rubber plug, easy for the operator to judge.

  • Compact structure, reasonable design and structure are made of high strength alloy steel, high pressure.

  • The bottom of the double plug cement head has a union type of quick-latch Joint for easy and casing to connect.

  • Indicator is used to indicate the whereabouts through the cement head into the casing.

  • Cement head cap and the body connecting thread, as well as quick-latch joint pitch trapezoidal screw thread are large, easy quick installation.

  • Internal balance cement head:Body I.D. greater than cementing plug diameter, the internal pressure balance can be achieved.

Product List of Double Plug Cement Head

Double Plug Cement Head Main Technical Parameters

Working Pressure,MPaI.D. of Plug Container
Length of Plug Container, mm
Conventional CementingStage Collar
4" (Ф101.6mm)35,50,70Ф102425425
4½" (Ф114.3mm)35,50,70Ф115425425
5" (Ф127mm)35,50,70Ф127425425
5½" (Ф139.7mm)35,50,70Ф140425425
5¾" (Ф146mm)35,50,70Ф146425425
6⅝" (Ф168.27mm)35,50,70Ф168425425
7" (Ф177.8mm)35,50,70Ф178425425
7⅝" (Ф193.67mm)35,50,70Ф194425425
8⅝" (Ф219.1mm)35,50,70Ф219425550
9⅝" (Ф244.5mm)35,50,70Ф245425550
9⅞" (Ф250.83mm)35,50,70Ф250425550
10¾" (Ф273mm)35,50,70Ф273425550
11¾" (Ф298.45mm)21,35,50Ф298425550
12¾" (Ф324mm)21,35,50Ф324425600
13⅜" (Ф339.7mm)21,35,50Ф340425600
13⅝" (Ф346.08mm)21,35,50Ф346425600
16" (Ф406.4mm)21,  35Ф406600650
16¾" (Ф426mm)21,35Ф426600650
18⅝" (Ф473.1mm)21,35Ф473600650
20" (Ф508mm)21,35Ф508600650


  • Premium connections: Tenaris hydril, JFE, TPCQ, WSP, VAM, HUNTING, Bao Steel.


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