Tubing Head

Tubing head device is applied to hang different tubing. It combined with casing head and some accessories, which can be used in tubing fracturing wellhead, annular space fracturing wellhead, and mixed fracturing wellhead. Tubing head can be equipped with tapered or vertical tubing hanger for hanging various tubing with 2 kinds of sealing forms: metal-to-metal seal and nonmetallic seal. Tubing thread can choose API tubing thread or TM thread.

Tubing head are composed of tubing spool, upper flange, bottom flange, hanger, bolt, nut: and top thread, etc. All main components are treated with 35CrMo forge, rough machining, NDT; and thermal refining.

Features of Tubing Head:

1. Tubing spool is a standard spool used in single completion well, in flange size with 7-1/16”,9″,11″and 13-5/8″

2. The diameter of tubing spool likes a 45°ledge, to bear loading of the pipeline. Its cyclic symmetry is to avoid the damage of diameter caused by pipe rolling. Loading to the ledge equably ensured a high hanging ability

3. Compatibility of tubing hanger: C TS type tubing spool could use with kinds of tubing hanger for single completion well

4. Side outlets: could be threaded connection or bolted connection. Side outlets of bolted connection need tapping to install valve plug

5. Jackscrew: one important feature of the jackscrew is the seal parts in the head screw thread. It can prevent the damage caused by liquid corrosion as well as avoid the accumulation of solid particle in end screw thread

6. Secondary seal: With double P or single P, TS type tubing spool could use the T type seal bottom casing pipe, or metal seal

7. Test point and injection point: All test points and injection points are using metal seal. Check valve installed in injection point

Technical Specifications of Tubing Head:

 Performance level PR1-2
 Specification level PSL1-4
 Operating temperature P·U(-29℃~121℃)
 Material level AA~FF

modelTubing hangermodel
QY11″X7 1/16″X2 7/8″7 1/16″x2 7/8″
QY11″X7 1/16″X3 1/2″7 1/16″x3 1/2″70Mpa
 QY13 5/8″X7 1/16″X2 7/8″7 1/16″x2 7/8″
  QY13 5/8″X7 1/16″X3 1/2″7 1/16″x3 1/2″
 QY13 5/8″X11″X2 7/8″11″x2 7/8″
 QY13 5/8″X11″X3 1/2″  11″x3 1/2″
QY 11″X7 1/16″X2 7/8″7 1/16″x2 7/8″21Mpa

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