Casing Head

Casing kind of new productis designed according to customers' requirement and applied in all deep wells and completion operation. lt is mainly used to fix wellhead connect casing string and seal, and control the pressure of casing annular space.

Casing head is made of low-alloy steel with good loading capacity and H2S penonnance.The connection type is divided into welded type: threaded type and slip type. The casing hanger is equipped with cons-shape sealing mechanism and BT sealing mechanism. Its sealing mechanism is superior under the force of gravity, which can be used more conveniently 2nd quickly in field. Its structures can be divided into mandrel and slip type.

Features of Casing Head:

  • 1.The casing is hung with a rigid and rubber composite sealing structure, and a metal seal can also be used to reinforce the sealing performance of the product;

  • 2.Designed with anti-wear sleeve and pressure test removal tool to facilitate the removal of the anti-wear sleeve and the pressure test of the casing head;

  • 3.Casing head flank valve configuration, designed according to user requirements

Application of Casing Head:

The casing head is installed at the upper end of the surface casing string, and is used for suspending the casing of the casing other than the surface casing and the wellhead device component of the annular space of the sealing casing. The main functions are as follows:

1. Hanging part or all of the weight of each layer of the casing other than the surface casing by the hanger;

2. Connect a wellhead device such as a blowout preventer;

3. Forming a pressure seal between the inner and outer casing strings;

4. Providing an outlet for releasing pressure that may accumulate between the two casing strings;

5. In an emergency, the fluid can be pumped into the well from the side hole of the casing head, such as killing fluid or fire extinguishing agent;

6. Special operation: a. The cementing quality is not good. The side hole can be filled with cement. b. When acidizing and fracturing, the pressure balance liquid can be injected from the side hole.

Technology Parameters of Casing Head:

Casing Program

20 〞 X13 3/8 〞 X9 5/8 〞 X 7 〞or 5 1/2 〞

Side Outlet Connection

PFF35/80 ring gaskets :R35

PFF70/65 ring gaskets :BX153

Load Bearing

≤ 5000KN

Hanger Type

4 〞、 5 〞、 4 1/2 〞、 5 1/2 〞、 7 〞

Working Pressure


Performance Requirement Level


Product Specification Level


Temperature Class

P·U (-29℃~121℃)

Material Class


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