Choke Manifold

Choke Manifold control and implementation of oil and gas pressure control technology. In case that the BOP is off,  the pressure at the bottom of well shall be kept higher than formation pressure through controlling casing pressure with choke valve on-off.

Additionally, soft shut in can be realized through relieving pressure with choke manifold in the process of well shut-in. When pressure in well reach at an extreme limitation,  it can be used to prevent blowout and protect wellhead. Choke manifold composes of choke valve, gate valve, flange pipe and pressure indicator.

The choke manifold is the necessary equipment to control the well and implement the pressure control technology of the oil and gas well. Under the condition that the blowout preventer is closed, the throttle valve is used to open and close, and a certain sleeve pressure is controlled to maintain the bottom hole pressure always slightly larger than the formation pressure, so as to prevent the formation fluid from further flowing into the well. In addition, when the shut-in is implemented, the throttle can be used to achieve a soft shut-off. When the pressure in the well rises to a certain limit, it is sprayed through it to protect the wellhead. When the pressure in the well rises, the fluid in the well can be released by the opening and closing of the throttle valve (the three types of manual adjustment, hydraulic and fixed) on the throttle manifold to control the casing pressure. When the casing pressure is high, it can be directly discharged through the gate valve.

Features of Choke Manifold:

When the pressure in good increases, the pressure can be relieved by opening and closing the choke valve (manual, HYD and fixed) on choke manifold.


Technical Specification of Choke Manifold:

Remote Options: S-manual, Y-hydraulic, Q-pneumatic, E-Electric 

Size: 1-13/16" ~ 4-1/16"

Working Pressure: 2000psi ~ 20000psi

Temperature Level: K, L, P, U

Material Level: EE-FF

Specification Level: PSL3, PSL3G 

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