Offshore Flexible Pipe

In the development of the offshore oil and gas field, the submarine pipeline is the key component of offshore infrastructure. With the development of the oil and gas industry, flexible pipe (also known as a flexible pipe) is widely used in the development of offshore oil and gas fields. The composite hose can be used as a static pipeline (such as flowline) or dynamic pipeline (such as riser), which is widely used in production, injection, export and service pipelines. In the world, the number of composite hoses used as flexible risers plays an important role in the riser system.

The composite hose can be divided into two basic types according to the structural type: UN bonded flexible pipe and bonded flexible pipe. This paper mainly introduces the non bonded composite hose products used in offshore oil and gas development abroad. 

Compared with steel pipe, the unbonded composite hose has significant advantages as a subsea pipeline: 

  1. The installation is convenient and fast, and the expansion bend does not need to be installed separately, so the accuracy of installation and connection is low; 

  2. Loading and installation are safe, no need for large pipe laying vessel and low cost; 

  3. Good flexibility, seafloor terrain adaptability, long continuous length and few installation joints; 

  4. Good corrosion resistance; 

Offshore Flexible Pipe-Milestones

First oversea order of dynamic FP (6")
First dynamical composite FP in China (8") (E&P)
First large ID composite FP in China (12") (E&P)
First high T thermal insulation composite FP in China (8") (E&P)
First multiphase composite FP in China (8"&10") (E&P)
First company that get the award of API certification of offshore composite FP in China
First water-injection composite FP in China (4"& 6")  (E&P)
First gas transporting composite FP in China (3") (E&P)
NOED established the R & D base of offshore composite FP

Offshore Flexible Pipe-EPCI

Offshore Flexible Pipe-EPCI

Offshore Flexible Pipe-R&D

Offshore Flexible Pipe-R&D-1

- Materials laboratory: more than 400 sets of test equipment, research and development of pipe polymer and metal materials.

- Prototype laboratory: more than 100 sets of equipment to verify and test the trial-produced and finished composite pipe.

Offshore Flexible Pipe-R&D-2

Offshore Flexible Pipe-Manufacture

Offshore Flexible Pipe-Manufacture

Subversive instead of steel pipe

Good flexibility, adapt to the submarine topography.

Targeted anti-corrosion design, the essential anti-corrosion function .

Single continuous length long, no need to install expansion bend.

Offshore construction is simple, low risk, low cost.

Recyclable, reusable and pollution-free.

Offshore Flexible Pipe-1

Offshore Flexible Pipe-2

2&4 inch pipe exporting to Venezuela 2018

2&4 Inch Pipe Exporting to Venezuela 2018

6inch thermal insulation 23Mp export to Malaysia - 2017 

6inch Thermal Insulation 23mp Export to Malaysia-2017

10 inch 13Mp flexible pipe export to Malaysia - 2018

TypeStatic + Dynamic
Depth110 m
Design pressure13MPa
Design temperature65℃
Building completed2019.3

10 Inch 13mp Flexible Pipe Export to Malaysia-2018

10 Inch 13mp Flexible Pipe Export to Malaysia-110 Inch 13mp Flexible Pipe Export to Malaysia-2

OD2² - 14²2² - 14²
Design Pressure≤40MPa≤40MPa
Design Temperature-40°C - 130°C-40°C - 130°C
Design depth≤ 300m≤ 300m

Offshore Flexible Pipe-3


NoYearProject NameProject DescriptionsProject siteWork Scope
12018Fabrication of2& 4″ offshore flexible pipeFluid: OilLake Maracaibo, VenezuelaEngineering construction
Length:6.4Km & 23.6km
Design Pressure:2300Psi & 900Psi
Design Temperature:Max.60℃
Water Depth:40m
22017Fabrication of 4″ offshore flexible pipeFluid: OilLake Maracaibo, VenezuelaEngineering construction
Length: 40.5km
Design Pressure:750Psi
Design Temperature:Max.60℃
Water Depth:40m
12018Order of 10″ offshore Static and Dynamic
flexible pipe line
Fluid: oilMalaysiaPetronas and Kebabangan
Design Pressure: 23.3MPa
Design Temperature: 100℃
Water Depth:70m
NoYearProject NameProject DescriptionsProject siteWork Scope
22017Fabrication of 6″Dynamic flexible pipeFluid: oil and gasMalaysiaEngineering construction
ID: 6"Transport
Design Pressure:20 MPa
Design Temperature: Max.120℃
Water Depth:64-75m
32017Fabrication of 10″ offshore flexible pipeFluid: MultiphaseWeizhou Bay, South China SeaEngineering construction
ID: 10"Transport
Design Pressure:4.5MPa
Design Temperature:85℃
Water Depth: 30m
42017Fabrication of 8″ offshore flexible pipeFluid: MultiphaseWenchang Gas Fields, Western South China SeaEngineering construction
ID: 8"Transport
Design Pressure:27.73MPa
Design Temperature:-20~55℃
Water Depth:141m
52016Fabrication of 6″ offshore flexible pipeFluid: MultiphaseWenchang Gas Fields, Western South China SeaEngineering construction
ID: 6"Transport
Design Pressure:6.25MPa
Design Temperature:Max.48℃
Water Depth: 141m
NoYearProject NameProject DescriptionsProject siteWork Scope
62015Fabrication of 6″onshore flexible pipeFluid: Waste WaterTaoyuan county, Taiwan
ID: 6″
Design Pressure:0.6 MPa
Design Temperature:60℃
72015Fabrication of 8″and 4″water injection flexible pipeFluid: waterWeizhou Bay, South China SeaEngineering construction
ID: 8″Transport
Length: 7.493km
Design Pressure:22.7 MPa
Design Temperature: 0℃~50℃
Water Depth: 32m
Fluid: water
ID: 4″
Length: 3.774km
Design Pressure:10.7 MPa
Design Temperature:0℃~50℃
Water Depth: 35.2m
82015EPCI for 10″water injectionflexible pipe in WZ oilfieldFluid: waterWeizhou Bay, South China SeaEngineering construction
ID: 10″Transport and installation
Length: 2.4km
Design Pressure:16.5 MPa
Design Temperature:75℃
Water Depth: 60m

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