• Slotted Liner

Slotted Liner

The slotted pipe (slotted casing) is machined by J55 or N80 oil casing body, which has high strength and is not easy to be deformed. The edge of the slit is perpendicular, the trimming is smooth, no burr, and the slit is uniform. The flow area is large, and the 27/8” screen tube is 300 strips. The slit/1.5m, the flow area of 72 per cubic centimeter, is 2.4 times larger than the overflow area of the tubing of the same specification. It is good for liquid flow. It is more obvious in the use of inclined wells and horizontal wells.

The main parameters of the slotted pipe are material, wall thickness, caliber, the number of slits, the size of the seam and the length of the screen. The main machine cutting machine for general liner pipe, the material of the liner pipe is mainly selected from the oil casing, and the oil casing is basically used as the raw material for the production of the liner pipe.

There are three types of slotted pipe (slotted casing) arrangement: parallel seam, cross-seam and group seam intersection. The edge of the slit is perpendicular, the cut edge is smooth, no burr, and the slit is even. The slotted pipe is treated with anti-corrosion treatment as a whole, and a dense protective layer is formed on each surface of the screen tube, which improves the corrosion resistance and wears resistance of the screen tube, and can effectively prolong the life of the underground working.

The whole process is anti-corrosion treatment, and a dense protective layer is formed on each surface of the screen tube, which improves the corrosion resistance and wears resistance of the screen tube, and can effectively prolong the life of the underground working. It is suitable for sand control in sand production with sand particle size greater than 0.3mm. The operation is simple, the use is convenient, the inner diameter is large, and the tube string configuration is easy.

Features of Slotted Liner:

The slotted tube (slotted casing) is divided into two categories: oil liner pipe and water collecting liner pipe, which are respectively made of various steel grade pipes. It meets the requirements of API Spec 5CT Slotted screens are cut into a number of longitudinal or spiral straight-line slits of a certain size in a variety of ways on oil casings or tubing. It is made of special ultra-thin cutting pieces and beam cut. Its slit width (0.2-0.4)mm (according to customer's demand), the seam length can be more than 20mm (can be determined according to user needs). The slit section is rectangular and trapezoidal, and the arrangement of the slit can be processed according to user requirements. The product has good sand-proof performance, no clogging, and improves oil recovery quality. It is widely used in horizontal wells, side wells and branch wells. More than 90% of similar well completion methods in foreign countries use oil slotted screens, which is the preferred special pipe for the current special oil recovery process.

This product uses high-quality, high-performance casings, and can also be imported according to the user's requirements (the raw materials are designated by the customer, the designated grade). And according to the relevant parameters for design and processing. It has good penetration, uniform width, high strength and reasonable price. This product has complex production technology, high technology content, stable process, high performance and high precision.

Applications of Slotted Liner:

Laser liner pipe is a special pipe body installed at the bottom of seamless or welded steel well pipes such as oil wells, water wells, geothermal wells, and brine wells to separate the mined liquid from the sand in the stratum. Due to the basic structural characteristics of the formations involved, the particle size difference of the contact sand and the viscosity difference of the produced fluid, the specifications and shapes of the slits required by the screens are also different. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's petroleum and geo-mine industries, the oil well drilling technology in the desert area has matured, the development of oilfields has increased in the middle and late stages, the rise of offshore oil production and the booming of geothermal wells, brine wells and deep wells. Development, the demand for laser liner screens is increasing.

Laser liner pipes (slotted casing) are widely used in old well regeneration of petroleum exploration, new oil wells and exploration (test) wells, offshore oil production wells and oil suction pipes for horizontal wells, side drilling, radial branching wells or open-hole, gravel packing The screen is completed and limited sand control is carried out. In people's daily life, geothermal wells, saltwater wells, drought-resistant wells and domestic water wells are also screened for limited sand control. In general, the vertical shaft adopts a circular slit (hole) screen instead of the blasting perforation to eliminate many troubles caused by the ejection hole. To ensure that the sand is not caulked, the inner surface of the tube is wider than the outer surface to meet the requirements. With the huge increase in international oil prices, miners must increase the oil recovery rate of each well to reduce land occupation, save pipe body, reduce drilling costs and reduce oil production costs, in order to pursue greater profits. The original horizontal wells used mechanical, laser and other methods to process rectangular screens. Due to the permeability problem, mechanical slits and screen screens to make up for their shortcomings, lasers have been plagued by the laser processing screen industry for a long time because of the beam problem.

Technical Specifications of Slotted Liner:

Slotted Liner Pipe

Sorts: API casing

Length:≤15m (each)

Outside Diameter:50~200mm

Slot Width:(0.10~4)mm ±0.03mm;

Slot Number: as per customer's requirement

Slot Shapes: straight in line pattern, staggered pattern, spiral pattern;

Slot space: as per customer's requirement

Slotted casings with apertures of 0.20~6mm are wide used in sands prevention of oil and wells.

API Std. CasingIDLengthSlot LengthSlot No.No./mSlot Width/mmSlotValid Filter AreaMax. Strength
Spec.ThicknessPer Weightmm



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