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Cement Basket

Cement Baskets consists of flexible steel spring bow welded to slip-on collars. Bows are hardened and tempered for maximum strength and uniformity. It is run on casing or liners above weak or porous formations to provide protection from hydrostatic pressure generated by the cement column. Its overlapping metal fins provide flexibility and fluid passages while maintaining optimum support characteristics.

Performance Features of Cement Basket

  • These baskets consist of heavy duty canvas liners and concentrated with high strength and flexible steel staves which are seated on the steel slip-on end collar.

  • Cement basket has the capability to help in premature cement hydration. This is to check hydro-static fluid column at the point of loss zone or weak formation

  • The cement baskets from Eneroil are designed particularly so that it can be able to adapt in a remarkable way as used in most of all types of well, to the bore hole and can hold large than the nominal size of the holes.

  • These baskets are designed for installation between two stop collars. Hence, these does not meant to be reciprocated. But travels the length of the joint just to allow the pipe movement.

Options of Cement Basket

  • Cement basket is available from sizes 4½" to 30" sizes configurations.

  • Slip-on type and the hinged type cement basket can be normally installed between slip-on type stop collars or stop collar or hinged camp over the casing to hold them in a place.

  • The baskets can be rotated and reciprocated as per requirement.

Technical Specifications of Cement Basket

Casing sizeNO. of BowsTotal LengthBasket O.D.Min. Hole Size
4 1/21024 1/212 1/2317.56
51024 1/213342.96
5 1/21224 1/213 1/2342.97 1/4
6 5/81224 1/214 5/8371.58 3/8
71424 1/215381.08 3/8
7 5/81424 1/215 5/8396.99 1/2
8 5/81624 1/216 5/8422.310 5/8
9 5/81824 1/217 5/8447.711 5/8
10 3/41824 1/218 3/4476.312 3/4
11 3/42024 1/219 3/4501.713 3/4
11 3/82424 1/221 3/8542.915 1/2
162824 1/224609.618
18 5/83424 1/226 5/8676.320 5/8
203424 1/228711.222

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