• The Quincunx Coupling

The Quincunx Coupling

The quincunx coupling is a kind of widely used coupling, also known as the claw coupling, which is composed of two metal claw discs and an elastic body. The two metal jaws are typically 45 steel, but aluminum alloys are also available for load sensitive applications.

The quincunx coupling is processed by machining methods such as turning, milling, and broaching, and then undergoes overall heat treatment. In order to protect sufficient mechanical strength, there is also a claw disc on the market that is a casting, which can be produced in large quantities without processing loss. Therefore, the price is much lower than that of machining. But the performance of castings is not very good. Do not use it on some important occasions. And the claws of the castings are prone to chipping (claws fall off) under high speed or high load conditions.

Features of The Quincunx Coupling

1. Compact, no backlash, provide three different hardness elastomers.

2. It can absorb vibration and compensate radial and angular deviations.

3. Simple structure, convenient maintenance and inspection.

4. Maintenance-free, oil-resistant and electrical insulation, working temperature 20°C-60°C.

5. Quincunx elastic body has four petals, six petals, eight petals and ten petals.

6. The fixing methods include top wire, clamping and keyway fixing.

Elastomers are generally composed of engineering plastics or rubber. The life of the coupling is also the life of the elastomer. Because the elastic body is under compression and not easy to pull. Generally, the service life of the elastic body is 10 years. Since the elastic body has the function of cushioning and vibration reduction, it is often used in occasions with strong vibration. The temperature of the excellent performance of the elastomer determines the operating temperature of the coupling, which is generally -35 to +80 degrees.

There are two main types of quincunx couplings, one is the traditional straight claw type, and the other is the curved surface (inner concave) claw type zero-clearance coupling. Traditional straight jaw couplings are not suitable for use in high precision servo drive applications. The zero-clearance claw type quincunx coupling is evolved on the basis of the straight claw type, but the difference is that its design is suitable for the application of the servo system, and is often used to connect servo motors, stepping motors and ball screws. The curved surface is to reduce the deformation of the elastic quincunx spacer and limit the influence of centripetal force on it during high-speed operation. Zero-backlash jaw couplings consist of two metal bushings (usually in aluminum alloy, but stainless steel is also available) combined with a quincunx elastic spacer. The quincunx elastic spacer has multiple blade branches. Like the slider coupling, it also squeezes the quincunx elastic spacer to match the bushings on both sides, and thus protects its zero-gap performance. Different from the slider coupling, the quincunx coupling is driven by extrusion while the slider coupling is driven by shear force. When using the zero-gap claw coupling, the user must pay attention not to exceed the maximum bearing capacity of the elastic element given by the manufacturer (under the premise of protecting the zero gap), otherwise the quincunx elastic spacer will be crushed and deformed loss of elasticity, loss of preload, resulting in loss of zero clearance performance, and may not be discovered until serious problems occur.

Quincunx couplings are well balanced and suitable for high speed applications (up to 30,000 rpm), but cannot handle large misalignments, especially axial misalignments. Larger eccentricities and deflection angles create greater bearing loads than other servo couplings. Another concern of value is the failure of the quincunx coupling. Once the quincunx elastic spacer is damaged or fails, the torque transmission will not be interrupted, and at the same time the metal claws of the two bushings are engaged together to continue to transmit torque, which is likely to cause problems in the system. It is a major advantage of this coupling to choose the appropriate quincunx spacer material according to the actual application. Some automation equipment companies can provide Quincunx spacers of various elastic materials, with different hardness and temperature tolerance, allowing customers to choose suitable materials. Meet performance standards for real-world applications.

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