Top and Bottom Plug

Top and Bottom Plug

The top plug:

  • Cement plug for well cementing accessories

  • Bottom plug and top plug

  • Competitive price The top cementing plug is designed to exert continuous pressure on the casing wall.
    The core is made of special materials such as Plastic, Aluminium or Phenolic depending on the application and well conditions. The tapered base fits the cavbity of the top plug initiating a positive seal. A solid rubber top plug is also available.

The bottom plug is like the top cementing plug. The fins and tail section provide positive wiping action. Fins also serve as a seal while cementing. The core of the bottom plug also made of special materials.A rubber diaphragm at the top of the plug ruptures after the plug is seated allowing cement to flow through.


Features of Top and Bottom Plug

As the drilling technology is advancing and there is more urge to extract crude oil, plugging oil or gas wells has become a common and essential process in the extraction process. The cement plug has to be placed properly so that the organization can reduce non-productive rig time, minimize waste material and mitigate the need for additional cementing services. During any cementing operations there are two common types of cementing plugs which are used, i.e., bottom cementing plug and top cementing plug.

The bottom cementing plug is launched into the wellbore way ahead of the cement slurry so that when the cement slurry is added into the wellbore it can minimize the contamination by fluids inside the casing prior to cementing. A diaphragm in the plug body ruptures to allow the cement slurry to pass through after the plug reaches the landing collar. Similarly, the top plug has a solid body that provides positive indication of contact with the landing collar and bottom plug through an increase in pump pressure.

Applications of Top and Bottom Plug

The cementing plug is used to separate the cement slurry from the mud. It can prevent the mud from blending into the cement slurry to influence the cementing quality.

Technical Specifications of Top and Bottom Plug

Special plug has Top/Middle/Bottom plug used in two-stage cementing, drill pipe plug and hollow plug used in drilling liner cementing and composite plug used in composite casing.

13 3/8-rubberΦ350x21042
9 5/8"rubberΦ250x18029
5 1/2-rubberΦ150x14013

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