Bow Casing Centralizer

Bow Casing Centralizer

The bow casing centralizer is designed for high restoring force and low starting force for centralizing the casing pipe in a vertical, horizontal and deviated well.

Premium quality Bows are made of special alloy steel and hot formed in totally controlled heat treatment plant to achieve the uniform hardness all over.

Spec and performance index of bow spring casing centralizer meet API Spec 10D. The woven centralizer is connected by pin when in use, the unfolded centralizer can be stacked flatly for convenient storage and transportation.

Features of Bow Casing Centralizer 

  1. Designed for High Restoring Force and Low Starting & Running Force.

  2. End collars are designed with self-locking action, which are easy to assemble.

  3. Undergo special coating process to prevent from rust.

  4. Can be shipped in half assembled condition for economy in shipping and storage costs.

  5. Specification: 4"---20". Any special sizes or combination can available on request.

  6. API Specification 10D Standard

  7. Non-welded:

  • Integral bow design for increased strength and performance

  • Zero weak points, such as hinges, welds, or mechanical interlocks

  • Flexible to absorb both axial and radial loading

  • Powder coated red finish

Applications of Bow Casing Centralizer

  • Used in most well applications and geometries for vertical, horizontal extended reach drilling, close tolerance, or under reamed well conditions

  • Specialized in centralization for under reamed sections

  • Recommended to be run between limit clamps

  • Sizes available—4-1/2 to 20 in.; custom sizes available

Technical Specifications of Non-weld Casing Centralizer:

Model (in)Hooping In-Dia. (mm)Hooping thickness (mm)Hooping Height (mm)Total Length (mm)Max. Out-Dia. (mm)Spring Pieces
8-5/8*12- 1/4223-2283-590-120650±50330±58
9-5/8*12- 1/4250-2553-590-120650±50330±58
10-3/4*12- 1/4274-2763-590-120650±50330±59
13-3/8*17- 1/2342-3473-590-120650±50450±511

Model (in)Hooping In-Dia. (mm)Hooping Thickness (mm)Hooping Height (mm)Total Length (mm)Max. Out-Dia. (mm)Spring Pieces
13-3/8*17- 1/2342-349850-60580450±56

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