• Elastic Pin Coupling

Elastic Pin Coupling

The elastic pin coupling is a pin made of several non-metallic elastic materials, which are placed in the flange holes of the two halves of the coupling, and the two halves of the coupling are connected through the pin. The structure of the coupling is simple and easy. It is more convenient to manufacture, assemble, disassemble and replace the elastic element, without moving the two shaft couplings.

Features of Elastic Pin Coupling

The material of the elastic element (column pin) is generally nylon 6, which has the ability to compensate for the offset of the two axes in a small amount. The elastic element is sheared during work, and the work quality is relatively poor. It is suitable for working conditions with high requirements for performance. For example, the transmission shaft system of the hoisting mechanism of the hoisting machine cannot be selected properly, and it is not suitable for low-speed load-bearing and transmission shaft systems with strong impact and vibration. It should not be selected for the working conditions with large axial deviation and the transmission shaft system with low installation accuracy, which is an eliminated product. The pin in the shaft of the elastic pin coupling is in a state of shear and extrusion during work, and the strength condition is to calculate the shear strength on the cross section of the elastic pin and the extrusion strength of the pin and the wall of the pin hole.

Elastic pin coupling (GB5014-85) is suitable for various coaxial transmission systems, using the cross-section shear strength of nylon rod to transmit torque, the nominal torque is 160-160000N.M, and the working temperature is -20℃- 80°C. The structure is simple, with cushioning and shock absorption performance and certain axis offset compensation ability, suitable for use in the environment where the noise is not controlled. The allowable compensation amount is 0.15-0.25mm in the radial direction and 0.5° in the angular direction.

The specific models are HL1, HL2, HL3, HL4, HL5, HL6, HL7, HL8, HL9, HL10, HL11, HL12, HL13, HL14.

Shaft hole types are cylindrical (Y), conical (Z) and short cylindrical (J). The shaft hole and keyway are processed according to the national standard GB3852-83 "Coupling shaft column and keyway form and size". The coupling half is made of fine casting, cast iron HT20-40, cast steel ZG35Ⅱ, the shaft hole and keyway are drawn, and the column pin is made of MC nylon b.

Elastic pin couplings are generally elastic pin couplings and nylon rod pin couplings. The former is connected by several screws, and the nut ends of the screws are equipped with elastic washers. The latter is to use a nylon rod, drill the same big hole in two and a half sections, insert it with a nylon rod, cover it with a baffle outside. Simply put, connecting the two half-couplings with N nylon rods can play a role in compensation.

Pin couplings, commonly used models are elastic sleeve pin couplings (TL), elastic pin couplings (HL), and elastic pin gear couplings (LZ).

The basic parameters and main dimensions of the ZL elastic pin gear coupling use a number of pins made of non-metallic materials, which are placed in the mating holes between the two halves of the coupling and the inner surface of the outer ring, and are transmitted through the pins. The torque realizes the connection of the two halves of the coupling.

LT type (original TL type) elastic sleeve pin coupling (GB4323-2002 instead of GB4323-1984) elastic sleeve pin coupling is a pin with an elastic sleeve (rubber material) at one end, which is installed in the two halves of the coupling. In the flange hole of the shaft coupling to realize the coupling of the two halves of the coupling.

HL type-elastic pin coupling has been listed as the national standard GB5014-85, which is suitable for various mechanically connecting two coaxial transmission shafts, and is usually used for high and low speed movements with frequent movements. The working temperature is -20~+80℃,the transmission nominal torque is 40~20000N.m. The elastic pin coupling has a relatively simple and reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, two-sided symmetry and interchangeability, long life, allows large axial movement, and has the properties of buffering, shock absorption, and stable performance.

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