• WG Type Roller Reamer

WG Type Roller Reamer

The reamer reamer is also called the expander squint drill. It is a tool used for reaming while drilling in oil wells.

It is different from the reaming drill installed in the lower part of the drill string, but is mounted in the middle of the drill string and has a diameter slightly larger than the drill diameter. When the drill bit is drilled in, the upper reamer simultaneously reams and trims the well wall.

Reamers are generally used for drilling formations that are inclined and easily reduced in diameter. When drilling with a diamond drill bit, in order to prevent the diameter of the drill bit from shrinking and to ensure that the new drill bit can smoothly enter the bottom of the well, two to three diamond reamer must be installed at intervals in the drill string.


WG Type Roller Reamer is divided into string type and bit type, which designed for reaming and stabilization in any type of formation. Rollers are B-type for Hard Formations, T-type for SoftFormations and F-type for Medium to Hard Formations.


In the process of oil and gas drilling, geological exploration, and mine drilling, the reaming technology while drilling can expand the diameter of the well while drilling, which not only helps to improve the cementing quality, but also helps to enhance the safety of the well control. Has been widely used. However, the field of petroleum exploration and development continues to expand. With the application of complex drilling technologies such as deep wells, ultra-deep wells, horizontal branch wells, casing side-drilling, and small well boreholes, there is a higher demand for downhole reaming tools.

At present, the double-hearted reaming drill bit widely used at home and abroad shows that the bit torque is large, the hammering is serious, and the drill bit and the drill string are damaged to varying degrees. The main reason is that the pilot bit and the reaming bit are used. The integrated PDC structure makes the drill bit have poor adaptability to the formation as a whole, and the force state is complex, and it is easy to drill a spiral wellbore, resulting in poor quality of the wellbore, which brings safety and quality hazards to subsequent work; The eye device has the characteristics of low cost, mature processing and manufacturing process, and the roller cone bit can be applied to a wide range of the formation. However, due to the limitation of the size of the cone, the operation of reaming is difficult.

At present, in addition to the use of integrated drills for reaming while drilling, it also mainly uses a dedicated reaming tool while drilling. The driving torque is all derived from the wellhead or downhole power drilling tool, that is, it takes up a part of the torque of the pilot bit. The result will inevitably lead to the reduction of rock breaking torque of the pilot bit, reduce the rock breaking rate of the reaming, and the rotation speed of the reaming machine is slow, it is difficult to play the high-efficiency rock breaking ability of the cutting teeth, which affects the efficiency of the reaming operation. It can be seen that the current reaming equipment under drilling at home and abroad can not effectively meet the process requirements of deep wells, ultra-deep well drilling and complex structural wells.

Therefore, it is urgent to design and develop a rock that can reduce the expansion of rock expansion, that is, reduce the bottom rock. The crushing strength can improve the drilling efficiency, and can simultaneously exert the technical advantages of the roller bit and the PDC bit, and meet the requirements of the drilling and reaming process of various types of wells such as vertical wells and side wells, and at the same time, the structure is simple and the performance is reliable. The Drilling and Drilling Drill Bits, which are easy to maintain and operate, have important economic and social value for improving the level of drilling technology and the enhancement of international competitiveness in the deep development of deep reservoirs in China.

WG Type Roller Reamer is divided into string type and bit type, which designed for reaming and stabilization in any type of formation. Rollers are B-type for Hard Formations, T-type for SoftFormations and F-type for Medium to Hard Formations.

Technical Specification:

ModelProduct CodeO.D(mm)LD (mm)ConnectionHole Sizex (in)
WG155W110410015525.4NC386 1/8.
WG200W111010020038NC467 7/8
WG212W111120021244NC508 3/8
WG215W111310021544NC508 1/2
WG244W111410024457NC509 5/8
WG311W1121100311716 5/8 REG12 1/4
WG444W1128100444767 5/8 REG17 1/2
WG558W1131100558767 5/8 REG22
WG660W1133100660767 5/8 REG26
WG711W1134100711767 5/8 REG28
WG914W1137100914767 5/8 REG36

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