• Fishing Magnet

Fishing Magnet

Fishing Magnet is a junk retrieval tool designed to retrieve small metal, odd-shaped objects such as mill metal shavings, bit cones, cutters, bearings, slips, tong pins, and hand tools from the bottom of the well bore. Fishing magnet is made of high quality of magnetic material with strong suction, high temperature resistance and permanent magnetic force advantages. The tool is designed with many fluid circulation ports that wash away cuttings and other debris to make the magnetic fishing easier from the bottom of the well.

Technical Specification of Fishing Magnet:

ModelProduct CodeO.D. (mm)Thread ConnectionAttracted Weight(KN)Temperature in well(℃)
Hole size (mm)
CL38L25-03800385/8 ROD PIN≥0.049<210Φ51~Φ70
0.57L25-05700573/4 ROD PIN≥0.11<210Φ70~Φ92
CL64L25-06400643/4 ROD PIN≥0.22<210Φ76~Φ95
CL70L25-07000702 3/8NUE PIN
CL76L25-07600762 3/8REG PIN
2 3/8REG PIN

CL83L25-8900832 3/8NUE PIN
CL86L25-8600862 3/8REG PIN≥3<210Φ95~Φ108
CL89L25-8900892 3/8REG PIN≥3<210Φ100~Φ114
CL102L25-102001022 3/8REG PIN≥5<210Φ110~Φ121
CL114L25-114001142 7/8REG PIN≥6<210Φ121~Φ140
CL 125L25-125001252 7/8RE GPIN≥7<210Φ143~Φ152
CL127L25-127001272 7/8REG PIN≥7<210Φ143~Φ152
CL 140L25-140001403 1/2REG PIN>9<210Φ152~Φ165
CL146L25-146001463 1/2REG PIN≥9<210Φ160~Φ184
CL 152L25-152001523 1/2REG PIN>9<210Φ168~Φ190
CL178L25-178001784 1/2REG PIN≥11<210Φ190~Φ216
CL 190L25-190001904 1/2REG PIN≥13<210Φ203~Φ229
CL200L25-200002004 1/2REG PIN≥15<210Φ216~Φ241
CL203L25-203002034 1/2REG PIN≥15<210Φ219~Φ241
CL229L25-229002296 5/8REG PIN≥18<210Φ241~Φ279
CL254L25-254002546 5/8REG PIN≥20<210Φ267~Φ311
CL267L25-267002676 5/8REG PIN≥22<210Φ279~Φ330
CL292L25-292002926 5/8REG PIN≥26<210Φ311~Φ356
CL356L25-356003566 5/8REG PIN≥28<150Φ381~Φ445
CL381L25-381003817 5/8REG PIN≥30<150Φ406~Φ483
CL406L25-406004067 5/8REG PIN≥32<150Φ432~Φ508
CL483L25-483004837 5/8REG PIN≥32<150Φ508~Φ610
CL559L25-559005597 5/8REG PIN≥35<150Φ610~Φ711

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