• Thermal Gate Valve

Thermal Gate Valve

The opening and closing member of the high temperature gate valve is a gate. The direction of movement of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. The gate valve can only be fully open and fully closed, and cannot be adjusted and throttled. The gate has two sealing faces. The two sealing faces of the most common mode gate valves form a wedge shape. The wedge angle varies with the valve parameters. Usually, the medium temperature is not 2°52'. The gate of the wedge gate valve can be made into a whole, called a rigid gate; it can also be made into a gate that can produce a small amount of deformation to improve its process ability and compensate for the deviation of the sealing surface angle during the machining process. The board is called a resilient shutter.

The types of gate valves can be divided into wedge gate gate valves and parallel gate gate valves according to the sealing surface configuration. The wedge gate gate valves can be further divided into: single gate type, double gate type and elastic gate type; parallel gate type gate valves can be divided into It is single gate type and double gate type. According to the thread position of the valve stem, it can be divided into two types: open gate valve and dark gate valve.

When the high temperature gate valve is closed, the sealing surface can be sealed only by the medium pressure, that is, the sealing surface of the shutter is pressed against the valve seat on the other side by the medium pressure to ensure the sealing of the sealing surface, which is self-sealing. Most of the gate valves are forced to seal, that is, when the valve is closed, the external force is forced to press the gate to the valve seat to ensure the sealing of the sealing surface.

The gate of the high temperature gate valve moves linearly with the valve stem, called the lift gate valve (also called the open gate valve). Usually, trapezoidal threads are provided on the lifting rod, and the rotary motion is changed into a linear motion by the nut at the top end of the valve and the guide groove on the valve body, that is, the operating torque is changed to the operating thrust.

When the valve is opened, when the lifting height of the shutter is equal to 1:1 times the diameter of the valve, the passage of the fluid is completely unblocked, but this position cannot be monitored during operation. In actual use, the apex of the valve stem is used as a mark, that is, the position where the valve is opened, as its fully open position. In order to consider the temperature change, the lock phenomenon is usually turned on to the apex position, and then back to 1/2-1 circle as the position of the fully open valve. Therefore, the fully open position of the valve is determined by the position of the shutter (ie, the stroke).

Some gate valves and stem nuts are arranged on the gate plate, and the rotation of the hand wheel drives the valve stem to rotate, and the shutter is lifted. This valve is called a rotary lever gate valve or a dark rod gate valve.

Technical Specification of Thermal Gate Valve:

Thermal Gate Valve is a high temperature gate valve, which is applied to heavy oil thermal recovery, geothermal and other high-temperature conditions of oilfield wellhead, christmas tree and other equipment, has excellent high temperature sealing performance.

Basic Parameters:

Size: 2-1/16" ~ 4-1/16"

Working Pressure: 2000psi 、3000psi、5000psi

Temperature Level: -60°C ~ +345°C(K~Y)

Material Class:AA~FF

Specification Level:PSL1~PSL2

Performance Level:PR1~PR2

Design Performance Standards: API 6A


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