Manual Frac Gate Valve

Manual Frac Gate Valve

Fracturing gate valve is applied in fracturing project and it is an important part for fracturing equipment. The fracturing gatevalve is designed in accordance with performance requirementsof API 6A. The fracturing gate valve manufactured by Saigao has maximum drift of 7-1/16" and maximum pressure of 20000psi, which has acquired patent for national invention and patent for utility model. Fracturing technology adopted by Saigao is internationally advanced technology.

Features of Manual Frac Gate Valve:

It is designed and manufactured in accordance API 6A with material shall meet the requirements of NACE MR0175; 

Full bore forged steel type gate valve can be characterized as high pressure resistance, erosion resistance; 

Body-bonnet and wedge-seat are full metal sealing structure, which is reliable;

Seat - seat rings, body-seat rings using high-performance seal ring assisted sealing;

Seat- body shall be sealed in assistance of two elastic accumulative rings, in this way,low pressure seal can be obtained and surface contamination can be avoid;

Ball screwed drive with balance tail rod shall be adopted,which is featured as low torque and convenient operation;Floating seat structure, bi-directional sealing;

Valve cap, tail cap and valve stem shall be designed as back seal, which is convenient to replace packing with pressure;

A sealing grease injection valve, easy online maintenance online, improve life.

  • Full-bore, two-way symmetrical downstream seal, pressure assisted seal

  • Two lubrication fittings for washout and lubrication of valve chamber

  • Proper gap between gate and seat can block foreign matters and prevent binding

  • Zero-chamfer flowbores help to mitigate turbulence during fracturing operations

  • Low open/close torque, only 2/3 of valves of the same size and pressure rating

  • Hard alloy sealing surface and metal seal deliver long service life

  • Hydraulic/pneumatic actuator realizes remote control

Technical  Parameters:

Size: 2-1/16"-7-1/16"

Working Pressure: 5000psi~20000psi

Material Class: AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH

Temperature Level: -60°C~ +121°C(KU)

Specification Level: PSL1~PSL4

Performance Level: PR1~PR2

End connection: flanged, planted wire type






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