Integral Sprial Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Integral Sprial Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

The drill pipe is the steel pipe with thread at the end, for connecting the drill ground equipment and drilling equipment in drilling bottom or bottom hole device. The drill pipe is the device which used to transport drilling mud to drilling bit, and improve, bring down or rotary bottom hole with drilling bit together. The drill rod must be able to withstand a great deal of internal and external pressure, twisting, bending and vibration. The drilling rod can be used many times during the exploitation and extraction of oil and gas.

The drill rod is formed by friction welding between the drill pipe and the tool joint. The drill pipe end is upsetting process, the internal and external thickness of pipe end get upsetting, Drill pipe joints are threaded and treated by surface treatment (phosphating or copper plating). Through friction welding, the upsetting drill pipe body is connected with the joint, and the mechanical property of the welding zone is improved by annealing and quenching & tempering of the welding seam. After quenching & tempering, according to the different steel grades or customers' requirements, the destructive mechanical properties test is carried out according to the proportion sampling. There are other tests before painting and packing of the finished pipe, including the end of the path, 90 degree hook tool inspection, weld seam surface hardness test, the tube weld bending test, non-destructive testing and measuring & weighing.


According to the requirements of API Spec 5DP first edition, the length of drill pipe is R1:6.10~7.01m, R2:8.84~9.75m, R3:12.19~13.72m. The length of drill pipe is generally R2 range.

Features of Integral Sprial Heavy Weight Drill Pipe:

Heavy weight drill pipe is a medium-weight drill tool similar to drill pipe, whose wall is thicker than that of drill pipe and thinner than that of drill collar. Its tube is connected with special length-added drill pipe joint (integral heavy weight drill pipe is made up of tube and tool joint). Among assemblies, it is generally added between drill pipe and drill collar to prevent sudden changes in cross-section of drill string, and reduce its fatigue. Using it to replace part of the drill collar can reduce torque, improve load, and increase drilling ability during deep well drilling; meanwhile pick-up sub and safety clamp will not be used drilling operation , which is easy to operate and can save tripping time. It can drill in in high speed under low torque in directional wells and reduces the abrasion and fracture of string without differential pressure and sticking because of the lower steel grade than drill collar, small touching area with the well wall.

Technical specifications of Integral Sprial Heavy Weight Drill Pipe:

Spiral heavy weight drill pipe
Specification  mmTubeJoint

ID mmElevator upset  mmelevator groove  mmScrew in diameter mmSpiral groove depth mmThread TypeOD mmID mm
88.9(3 1/2)5492.188.9101.69.5NC38120.654
114.3(4 1/2)69.8117.5114.312712.7NC46158.869.8

Material performance
Yield strengthTensile StrengthElongationHBCharpy impact
Akv  J

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