Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer

Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer

Replaceable sleeve stabilizer is a important tool to control hole deviation in petroleum, natural gas and geology exploration drilling engineering. 

Replaceable sleeve stabilizer consists of an integral mandrel and a sleeve (two parts are connected with special cone threads). The advantagesare that the sleeve can be replaced quickly after stabilizing surface wear and failure, and then save drilling costs and increase work efficiency.


Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer is an important tool to control hole deviation in petroleum and gas exploration drilling process. In order to avoid the "hotdog" and have the rate of change and location of the well deviation reduce during drilling, we should utilize the tool with reasonable way under the case equipped with strong drill collar and inflicted more bigger pressure which Improving the quality of the well and the speed of drilling, reducing the cost of drilling well. Through changing sleeve to suit for different borehole diameters to lengthen operating life.

The advantage is that the sleeve can be changed quickly and easily after sleeve hardfacing is wornout. This kind of stabilizer is especially suitable for working in directional well .There are four kinds of abrasive resistant materials on the working surface of stabilizer: insert tungsten carbide buttons, insert diamond compound body,low temperature welding tungsten carbide pieces,hardfacing electrode on the surface and so on.


The replaceable sleeve stabilizer is composed of a body and a positive body connection. The advantage is that it can be quickly and easily replaced after the front wear failure, especially suitable for directional wells.

Technical Specification:

Product CodeHole Size (in)Man drel SeriesSleeveBodyConnection
HF1000HF2000HF3000HF4000HF5000Body diameterSleeve Length (in)Fishing Neck RangeUpset O.D (in)Bottom Neck O.DOverall Length On)Fishing Neck Length
W0511100W0521100W0531100W0541100W0S511008 1/2627 1/2196 3/47 1/26 1/46522NC50
W0512100W0522100W0532100W0542100W055210012 1/4779 1/22089 1/47 3/470226 5/8 REG
W0512300W0522300W0532300W0542300W0552300169611 1/2249 1/211982 3/4277 5/8 REG
W0512500W0522S00W0532500W0542500W055250017 1/29611 1/2249 1/211982 3/4277 5/8 REG
W0512700WOS22700W0532700W0S42700W0552700229614 1/427.59 1/211982.75277 5/8 REG
W0512800WOS22800W0532800W0542800W0552800249614 1/427.59 1/211982.75277 5/8 REG
W0512900WOS22900W0532900W0542900W055290026961727.59 1/211982.75277 5/8 REG
W0513400W0523400W0533400W0M3400W0553400289617 1/427.59 1/211982.752775/8 REG

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