Slot-Screen-Perforated Pipe

The Slotted Pipes

The slotted pipes using in oil exploration can prevent 99% sand, decrease 80% of oil well heavy repair and increase the oil well's strength, integrality and stability of keeping off sand. Meanwhile, the laser incision can make very small cuts with smooth surface and high precision. Although its structure is simple, it is very effective. It has small cuts of 0.10-0.5 mm in the tube wall.

Slotted Screen Pipe For Sale

  • Wire Wrapped Screen Pipe

    The continuous-slot well screen is widely used throughout the world for water, oil, and gas wells, and is the dominant screen type used in the water well industry. Saigao Continuous-Slot Well Screen i...

  • Perforated Pipe

    In the drilling process, in order to prevent the collapse of the hole wall, sand (water), water leakage, or to separate the water layer, the metal or non-metal pipe is used to drill into the borehole ...

  • Slotted Liner

    The slotted pipe is machined by J55 or N80 oil casing body, which has high strength and is not easy to be deformed. The edge of the slit is perpendicular, the trimming is smooth, no burr, and the slit...


Features of Slotted Pipe

  • The slotted liner is a robust and cost-effective solution for long completions or low productivity wells.

  • We offer straight and key stone slot in a wide range of slotting patters to satisfy the required open area.

  • High rigidity resisting scrape and abrasion, high intensity, anti-corrosion and even distribution.

Main Technical Data of Slotted Pipe

Material: stainless steel, carbon steel

Categories of pipes: petroleum casing pipe, oil pipe

Length of pipe (single): ≤15m

Outside diameter of pipe: 50 to 200mm

Wall thickness ≤16mm

Width of slot: (0.10-0.40)mm±0.03mm

Number of slots: according to order

Distribution types of slots: parallel, crisscross, spiral

Distance of slots: according to order

The Perforated Pipe

The perforated pipe with cutting edge technology, which is manufactured carbon steel or stainless steel, used for the application of oil reservation layer without much sand or for application of prevents the rock bits dropping off the well bore.


  • Every joint perforated by us is deburred internally and externally.

  • Each hole is visually inspected and burr cleaned.


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