Structure and Parts of Mud Pump

1. Brief introduction of mud pump

Mud pump is a kind of reciprocating piston pump. It transforms the rotation of motor into the reciprocating linear motion of crosshead and piston through crank connecting rod mechanism, and compresses the low-pressure mud into high-pressure mud. In the process of directional drilling construction, the mud with high viscosity, large specific gravity and high sand content is transported to the tunnel under high pressure to cool the bit, wash the hole wall, break the rock, and bring out the rock cuttings when returning from the tunnel. It is one of the most important equipment for directional drilling construction, and a variety of different mud pump parts combination finally play a role in coordination.

2. Working principle of mud pump parts

The working process of mud pump is divided into suction process and discharge process.

Traditionally, we divide the mud pump into two parts: the hydraulic end and the power end. The power end is used to transmit power and change the motion mode and speed. Provide proper power for the hydraulic end; the hydraulic end is used to transfer the mechanical energy into the internal energy of the liquid to transport the mud

3. Structure of mud pump parts

1) Power end



Pinion shaft assembly

Shaft gp-pinion

Crankshaft assembly

Crosshead assembly

DC motor

2) Hydraulic end

Liquid cylinder

Suction valve, discharge valve

Cylinder liner, piston, piston rod (plunger, packing and cylinder liner)

Suction pipe, suction air case (to reduce water hammer)

Discharge pipe, discharge screen assembly

Safety valve of exhaust air case

Cylinder head, valve cover

Spray pump assembly

3) Auxiliary parts

Lubricating mechanism

Chain lubrication

Lubrication of gears and bearings

Cylinder liner cooling lubrication

Nitrogen package

Its function can effectively reduce the pressure fluctuation of the discharge system, so as to obtain more uniform liquid flow.

Safety valve

When the mud pressure exceeds the set pressure of the pump, the safety pin can be cut off quickly, the bypass pipeline is opened, and the mud pump discharges pressure, thus protecting the pump body.

Mud pump parts are indispensable in the process of mud pump operation. It is believed that a clear understanding of the mystery will be helpful for production and operation. China mud pump parts, choose SAIGAO.


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