The Main Components of the Drilling Rig Lifting System

The hoisting system of the drilling rig is composed of drawworks, derricks, cranes, traveling blocks, hooks and wire ropes.

1. Drilling rig lifting system - drawworks:

The drawworks is the main equipment constituting the hoisting system, the core component of a drilling rig, and one of the main working machinery of the drilling rig. Its function is to provide several different lifting speeds and lifting weights. Satisfy the needs of running the drilling tool and casing. Hang the drilling tool, send the drill and control the weight on bit during the drilling process. Utilize the cathead mechanism of the drawworks to load and unload the thread of the drilling tool. As the speed change mechanism and intermediate transmission mechanism of the turntable. It is used to raise and lower the derrick when the integral lifting derrick is adopted. When the winch is equipped with a sand drum, it is also responsible for the work of extracting the core tube and testing the oil. Help install drill floor equipment and complete other auxiliary tasks. The winch is generally composed of a transmission part, a lifting part, a turntable drive box part, a control part, a lubrication part and a brake mechanism.

2. Drilling rig  machine lifting system - derrick:

The derrick is composed of the main body of the derrick, herringbone, crane platform, two-story platform, work ladder, riser platform, drill floor, and derrick base. It is mainly used to place and suspend cranes, traveling blocks, hooks, rings, hydraulic tongs, hydraulic tensioners, tongs, elevators and other lifting equipment and tools.

3. Drilling rig machine lifting system - crane:

Generally, multiple pulleys are mounted on the same mandrel or two mandrels with the same axis. Most of the current crown blocks are pulleys mounted on a mandrel through roller bearings. The diameter of the mandrel is relatively large, one end or both ends of the mandrel is provided with a grease nipple, and there is a lubricating oil passage in the mandrel. Grease is injected from the grease nipple to lubricate the bearings.

4. Drilling rig lifting system - traveling car: 

The shape is streamlined to prevent the overhanging objects on the second-level platform from being hit when lifting. At the same time, the traveling vehicle must ensure a certain weight so that it falls smoothly and vertically when running at no load. Now, each type of traveling block of the drilling rig is a mandrel, and the pulleys are arranged in a row on the shaft, and its structure is similar to that of a crown block.

5. Drilling rig lifting system - hook: 

Hook is an important equipment of the lifting system, and its function is to hang the tap and drilling rig machine during normal drilling. Hang the hoisting ring to lift the drilling tool during the trip to complete the auxiliary work such as lifting heavy objects, placing equipment, and lifting and lowering the derrick.

6. Drilling rig lifting system - steel wire rope for drilling: 

The wire rope used in the swimming system of the drilling rig machine is called the big rope. It plays the role of suspending the traveling block, the hook and transmitting the power of the winch.