The Routine Maintenance and Inspection Work of Rod Pumping Unit

1. Beam rod pumping unit

The beam rod pumping unit is one of the main types of rod pumping units currently used in the oil field. It mainly consists of four parts: donkey head-beam-connecting rod-crank mechanism, reduction box, power equipment and auxiliary equipment.

When the rod pumping unit is running, the electric energy provided by the distribution box is converted into kinetic energy through the pulley and transmitted to the reduction box, driving the circumferential rotation of the crank, the crank is connected with the connecting rod, the connecting rod is connected with the beam, and the beam is connected with the traveling beam. So this series of operations is that the crank rotates to drive the walking beam and the donkey's head reciprocates up and down, which means that the crank makes a circular motion to convert the kinetic energy into the reciprocating motion of the donkey's head. When the donkey's head moves upward, it is called the upstroke, and when it goes down, it is called the downstroke.

2. Daily maintenance and inspection of the rod pumping unit:

1) Open the anti-theft box for ventilation;

2) Check whether the wellhead process is normal and whether there is any leakage at each connection part;

3) Whether the rod pumping unit is operating normally, whether there is abnormal noise, and whether the brake is flexible and reliable;

4) Check whether the donkey head has cracks, the braids have no broken wires or strands, the suspension rope baffle screws are fastened, and the square clamps are firm;

5) Use an electroscope to check whether the switch box and the motor are leaking. The power cord is intact without aging or damage, and the grounding is reliable.