Cause Analysis of Failure of Mud Pump Parts

Mud pumps can be widely used in mining, electric power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection industries, transportation and transportation, transportation mud contains grinding solid particles grind filter press pump. Such as the transportation of slurry in metallurgical beneficiation plants, hydrothermal power plants, coal slurry and heavy medium transportation in coal washing plants, etc. In the chemical industry, it can also transport some corrosive slurry crystals. But in the process of use, the mud pump parts may break down, so what are the reasons?

1. Several reasons for the heating of the bearings of mud pump parts

① The cold water or cooling water tank is not opened and blocked, and the cooling water or cooling water should have a clearing function.

② For equipment with poor lubrication, the amount of lubricating oil should be adjusted.

③ There are impurities in the dirty lubricating oil, the bearing should be cleaned and the oil replaced.

④The direction is wrong. Regarding the inlet pressure of the wear-resistant mud pump, please adjust the direction of the thrust bearing.

⑤ Socket plugs with bearings, causing the heat bearings in the mud pump component cabinet to be unable to discharge, so the equipment becomes hot, and a clean air outlet should be dealt with.

2. Uniform corrosion of mud pump parts

It means that the metal surface in contact with the corrosive liquid is uniformly corroded, and uniform chemical pressure filter pump corrosion occurs on the entire surface of the metal, which is a form of corrosion of metal materials such as gear pumps and centrifugal pumps. The measures to prevent uniform corrosion of mud pump components are: Considering that there is sufficient margin to corrode the design of the pump, please use appropriate materials (including non-metallic).

The slurry between intergranular corrosion is localized corrosion, which mainly refers to the precipitation of chromium carbide grains. The intergranular corrosion between stainless steels obviously has a corrosive effect, and stainless steel pumps should be used to prevent intergranular corrosion. The material undergoes intergranular corrosion, and its strength and plasticity are almost completely lost. Slurry pump measures to prevent intergranular corrosion include: annealed stainless steel, stainless steel or ultra-low carbon.

According to the completion time of the suction and discharge actions in the reciprocating motion cycle of the piston, it can be divided into single-acting pumps and double-acting pumps. Slurry pumps are also available in various sizes, three-way, duplex or five-way. The latest developments are pumps with 6 vertical pistons and five-cylinder pumps with 5 horizontal pistons.

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