Mud Gate Valve is Mainly Used in Oil Mine Mud Circulation System Equipment

Mud gate valves conform to flange size and pressure rating. They are designed for reliable service in high pressure systems and pump and riser manifold systems. The mud gate valve seat is designed to provide a positive, tight closure with every closing cycle, even after prolonged exposure to scuffs and scratches.

1. The mud gate valve is used to control the flow and closure of mud

Both ends of the mud gate valve are connected and sealed with the pipeline, and the spherical surface is movable in contact with the O-shaped rubber sealing ring for sealing. When the joint is installed, the straightness at both ends of the pipe is not highly required, and it has the advantage of good sealing performance.

2. Mud gate valves are divided into steel core mud gate valves and rubber core mud gate valves

Mud gate valves are mainly used to cut off medium in drilling mud manifolds in petroleum and natural gas exploitation, and can also be used in petrochemical and other industrial high-pressure manifolds. The mud gate valve belongs to the technical field of high pressure valves. A mud gate valve includes a valve body with liquid inlet and outlet ends, and a flat shutter is installed in the valve seat between the inlet and outlet ends of the valve body. The upper end of the flat shutter is connected with the valve stem, and the valve stem and the handwheel pass The improvement of the threaded pair connection is that the valve seat is composed of two rubber-coated ring inner skeletons and a support ring to form a channel. In the blind hole between the liquid outlets, an arc groove with a width smaller than the thickness of the flat gate is left between the inner skeletons of the two rings coated with rubber.

Since the valve seat with oval cross-section forms an interference fit with the blind hole on the valve body, which reduces the large-area interference with the valve body, an ideal sealing effect is produced, while the ring inner skeleton in the valve seat maintains the valve body for a long time. The basic shape of the seat makes it have sufficient service life. Mud gate valves are mainly used in oil mine mud circulation system equipment to control mud circulation and closure. The connection form is trapezoidal threaded connection, threaded connection, welded connection, strong rigidity, safe and reliable, the valve seat and the gate plate are elastically sealed in parallel, the sealing effect is good, and the opening is convenient.

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