Problems That Are Prone to Occur During the Use of Mud Pump Accessories

According to the use of mud pumps in the jurisdiction, valve box puncture, bearing burnout, and abnormal noise are all frequent failures that affect the normal use of mud pumps. Therefore, carefully studying the causes of the above problems plays a key role in prolonging the service life of the mud pump.

1. Factors and preventive measures that cause the leakage of the valve box of the mud pump

The drilling mud pump valve box is an important component of the hydraulic end of the mud pump, because the working conditions of the mud pump valve box are harsh working environments such as high pressure, high sprint, and high abrasiveness.

Therefore, in the maintenance and repair process of the mud pump, the valve box is a vulnerable part that needs to be replaced frequently.

The main reasons for the leakage of the valve box of the mud pump are: long-term high-pressure use, the material of the valve box is fatigued, and when penetrating cracks occur, the current conditions cannot be repaired.

Because the working conditions of the drilling pump valve are very bad, the valve disc and valve seat of the discharge and suction valves have an impact in each flush. The higher the pump speed, the greater the impact and scour wear.

Because of this, the working frequency of the drilling pump is not very high. Even so, the working life of the mud pump valve is still very short, and it is one of the weakest links in the drilling pump. The valve disc and valve seat need to be replaced frequently during work.

2. The method of prolonging the service life of mud pump valve box

According to the valve box used and maintained, most of the puncture leakage occurs at the joint surface of the valve seat and the valve box. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the valve seat regularly.

At the same time, check the inner and outer walls of the valve box. When installing and replacing the valve disc and valve seat, the valve seat must be cleaned to ensure that the fitting surface of the mud pump valve box and the valve seat is clean and free of contamination, and there can be no anti-rust oil on the valve seat, and do not apply any oil stains.

Through correct installation and replacement of valve disc, valve seat and careful inspection of valve box, the fatigue limit of valve box can be reduced, thereby prolonging the service life of mud pump valve box.

3. How to repair the leakage of mud pump valve box

When there is a puncture in the valve box, our current repair method is welding repair, but the effect is average. Generally, if the surface is punctured, or there are obvious cracks, it can be used through the car and then welded to the original size.

Therefore, a good welding repair process has a certain value for prolonging the service life of the valve box of the overhauled mud pump.

However, penetrating cracks cannot be seen with the naked eye. Now we basically rely on experience in repairs, and it is difficult to fundamentally solve the problem. Many valve boxes are dark wounds that cannot be determined penetrating during maintenance. Its use can be determined from the integrity of the surface of the valve box of the mud pump.

Some valve boxes with good appearance will be completely punctured as long as they are exposed to high pressure during the specific use process. Therefore, many repaired valve boxes will be seriously punctured within a few days after being put into the well, causing rework and making us overhaul. The service life of the latter pump head is significantly shortened.