Standard Operation and Precautions for Start and Stop of Pumping Unit

1. Overview of the rod pumping unit

Starting and stopping the rod pumping unit is the most basic operation of the oil extractor. It is a prerequisite for troubleshooting and normal maintenance of the rod pumping unit well. Starting and stopping the rod pumping unit correctly can prolong the service life of the rod pumping unit accessories and ensure the smooth operation of the rod pumping unit well.

2. The operating standards for the start and stop of the rod pumping unit

2.1 Preparation before starting:

Materials to be prepared: 375mm adjustable wrench, 600mm pipe wrench, clamp-type ammeter, butter, cotton yarn, paper, pen, safety helmet, test pencil, insulating gloves.

Check whether the wellhead connection, packing box seal, rope suspension baffle and I-shaped clip, hair braid, crankpin nut, belt tightness, transmission oil, brake, and rod pumping unit are in good condition.

Clear the surrounding obstacles.

Inverted the wellhead process.

2.2 Start the rod pumping unit

Take the lock block, release the brake, close the air switch, and start the rod pumping unit twice.

2.3 Operation check

Observe whether the wellhead pressure, each connection part and packing are leaking;

Listen to whether there are abnormal noises in various parts of the rod pumping unit;

Sniff the motor and the distribution box for any peculiar smell, use a clamp-on ammeter to measure the current;

Check whether the oil well has normal fluid flow and whether the wellhead is bumped.

2.4 Shutdown

Press the stop button, tighten the brake, pull down the air switch, and lock the lock block.

2.5 Fill in work records

Fill in the "Operation Record of Rod Pumping Unit".

3. Precautions for the rod pumping unit

3.1 Check the electricity before operating the control cabinet, turn sideways when operating, not face the control cabinet, and wear insulated gloves;

3.2 When starting the rod pumping unit, it is strictly forbidden to have obstacles within the range of crank rotation, and it is strictly forbidden for unrelated persons to approach;

3.3 Prevent the leakage of electrical equipment from hurting people in rainy and snowy weather;

3.4 If the motor buzzes and does not rotate after pressing the start button during startup, press the stop button quickly to investigate the cause;

3.5 The inertia should be used for the second start when starting, otherwise, it is easy to cause accidents such as burning insurance and damaging the motor due to excessive starting current;

3.6 When judging the liquid condition by touching the polished rod by hand, you must touch with the back of your finger on the upper stroke;

3.7 All bolts should be tightened after 4 hours of operation for the first time of the newly installed rod pumping unit. Check and tighten them again within 3 days, and check and tighten them every 15 days within the first month;

3.8 Any operation in the area of the rod pumping unit must be carried out with the parking brake locked.


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