How to Use the Fishing Drilling Tools Correctly?

1. Selection of fishing drilling tools for male cone and female cone

Both male and female cones have positive and reverse buckles, and the methods of fishing drilling tools for male and female are basically the same.

The difference is: the male cone is suitable for salvaging pipes with thicker walls, such as drill collars, drill pipe joints or thickened parts, etc., and the buckle is made in the water hole of the pipe body;

The female cone is suitable for salvaging the thin-walled pipe body, such as the drill pipe body, and the buckle is made from the outer surface of the pipe body.

2. Correct use of fishing drilling tools

1) Select the appropriate male and female cones according to the size of the water eye of the fish head and the outer diameter of the tube;

2) Check whether the male and female cones buttons are in good condition, and draw a sketch and indicate the size;

3) Fishing drilling tool assembly: male (female) cone + safety joint + drill pipe;

4) Drill down to 1-2 meters from the top of the fish, turn on the pump to circulate, and rinse the fish head. On the kelly pipe, draw the marks of the top of the fish and the square of the buckle;

5) Reduce the displacement and slowly lower the fishing drilling tool to explore the top of the fish. After probing the top of the fish, the method of judging whether it has entered the fish head is: the suspension weight drops, the pump pressure rises, and the hand-held kelly has a drawing feeling, indicating that it has entered; If the pump pressure remains unchanged and the  direction is wrong, it means that it is not input.

6) Stop the pump to make the buckle. Now take the male cone fishing drilling tool as an example to illustrate the method of making the buckle, first pressurize 5-10KN, turn the lead buckle for 2 turns, pay attention to observe the indicator, if the suspended weight slowly rises, it proves that the buckle has been inserted, and then gradually pressurize until 30-40KN buckle.

1:16 taper, 8 buckles / inch male taper to make 8 buckles (refer to the number of buckle circles);

7) After confirming that the buckle is made, the drilling tool should be lifted, and then lowered to 2-3 meters from the bottom of the well and braked twice to confirm that the buckle has been made firmly before starting the drilling;

8) When exploring the top of the fish, you can turn the drilling tool to go down from different directions; if the top of the fish is still not detected, the drill pipe shall be bent to find the fish head after pulling out, and it is not allowed to do more blindly to prevent the fish head from squeezing into the formation.

9) When catching the drill, the operation should be stable, and it shall be gently lifted and put down. It is strictly prohibited to shackle the rotary table.

10. After the button is made, if the lower drilling tool sticks to the card, if the pump can be started for circulation, the foaming and releasing agent can be recycled. If the circulation is blocked, the casing milling and back threading shall be carried out.

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