Detection Method and Hydrostatic Test for Oil Casing Pipe Couplings

Detection method for oil casing pipe coupling

The oil casing pipe coupling has threads on both ends and can be combined with different diameters of sucker rod as needed. According to the structural characteristics, it can be divided into ordinary oil casing coupling, different diameter oil casing coupling, and special oil casing coupling.

Since the oil casing pipe coupling is used for deep underground work, how to detect it? In order to further detect the oil casing pipe coupling, people have invented magnetic particle testing equipment based on the good magnetic permeability of the oil casing pipe and oil casing pipe coupling.

To select a fixed fluorescent magnetic powder flaw detector according to the size of the oil casing pipe and oil casing pipe coupling, as the flaw detector is usually large and heavy, it is mostly fixed. When the flaw detector is working, the circumferential magnetizing current emitted is generally a continuous adjustable AC current of 0-4000A with power-off phase control buttons, and the longitudinal magnetizing current is generally three times the circumferential magnetizing current and also requires power-off phase control function.

Hydrostatic testing of oil casing pipe

Hydrostatic testing of the oil casing pipe is an essential part of the production and manufacturing process of steel pipes and an important means to inspect the overall quality of oil steel pipes. In simple terms, the test is to fill the pipe with water and test its ability to maintain the specified pressure without leakage or rupture under pressure.

The oil casing pipe is a steel tube used to support the wellbore of oil and gas wells to ensure the normal operation of the entire oil well during and after drilling. Different layers of casing are used for each well according to different drilling depths and geological conditions. After the oil casing pipe is lowered into the well, cementing is used, which is different from oil pipes and drill rods and cannot be reused. It is a consumable material. Therefore, the consumption of oil casing accounts for more than 70% of all oil well pipes.

According to usage, the oil casing pipe can be divided into conductor casing, surface casing, technical casing, and oil layer casing.

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