Basic Measures to Prevent Impeller Wear of Mud Pump

The wear of the impeller of the mud pump directly affects the working efficiency, service life and operating cost of the pump. Therefore, in the process of designing and manufacturing the mud pump, reducing the wear and tear is one of the important characteristic indicators that people pay attention to.

Preventing the wear of the mud pump is a comprehensive problem, and attention should be paid to the design, manufacture, selection, and system configuration of the mud pump.

Ⅰ. Improve the anti-wear measures of the mud pump by changing the hydraulic design

1. Select closed impeller: The increase of the gap between the impeller and the cover plate of the mud pump due to wear has little effect on the hydraulic performance of the closed impeller such as lift, volume and flow.

2. Reasonably design the geometric size and shape of the impeller of the mud pump. From the analysis of the flow field, it can be seen that the wear of the pump can be reduced by using an impeller with an appropriate outlet angle of the mud pump blades, a small number of blades and a large outlet width.

3. Selection of specific revolutions: The specific revolutions have an important influence on the wear of the pump. Some studies have shown that the wear of the mud pump has a 5th power relationship with the rotational speed.

4. Increase the guide wheel: The guide wheel is installed at the entrance of the impeller of the mud pump, which can segregate solid particles and reduce the wear on the working surface of the mud pump impeller. The structural parameters of the guide wheel need to be optimized according to different mud pump impeller structures and operating conditions.

In short, the design of the china hydraulic mud pump should take into account the hydraulic performance while improving the anti-wear performance, and improve the overall performance of the mud pump.

Ⅱ. Anti-wear measures in the operation of mud pump

1. Select the appropriate mud pump model according to the operating parameters. The model selection of the mud pump should follow the principle of overcapacity and small use. During the operation process, the speed of the mud pump can be reduced, thereby reducing the wear of the mud pump.

2. The matching of the mud pump and the pipeline system, the model of the mud pump should be reasonably selected according to the pressure of the pipeline system, so that the lift of the mud pump matches the lift of the pipeline, so as to avoid the increase of the flow rate caused by the low lift and the wear of the overcurrent parts.

Ⅲ. Application of anti-wear material for mud pump

1. High-chromium cast iron is used to cast the mud pump spare parts and impeller of the mud pump as a whole to improve the wear resistance.

2. Adopt wear-resistant hard alloy coating.

Because there are many factors that affect the wear of the impeller of the mud pump accessories, the CFD technology and the traditional test method are combined to model the wear process of the flow field in the liquid-solid two-phase mud pump.

Optimizing the anti-wear hydraulic design of the mud pump, combined with the application of new materials and reasonable operation and maintenance, will certainly greatly improve the wear resistance of the mud pump.

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