Processing Technology and Installation of Mud Pump Cylinder Liner

Introduction of processing technology for mud pump cylinder liners :

The mud pump cylinder liner, as a vulnerable accessory of oil drilling mud pumps, often needs to meet the following three conditions during processing:

First of all, it should be known that the mud pump liner belongs to thin-walled parts. Due to the poor rigidity of thin-walled parts, it is prone to deformation due to cutting force and clamping force during turning, which affects the dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, the key to ensuring the accuracy of thin-walled parts is to choose reasonable clamping methods, geometric angles, cutting parameters, and sufficient cooling and lubrication.

Secondly, it should be noted that the inner and outer circle accuracy of the parts is relatively high, and rough and fine processing should be separated.

Thirdly, it should also be especially noted that when the mud pump liner is pressed into the cylinder for final use, it should be reworked for inner diameter size.

Mud pump cylinder liner processing technology :

Outer liner : raw material inspection-rough turning outer circle-rough turning inner hole-hot installation (hot installation of inner clamp)-inner hole drilling-fine grinding and fine turning.

Inner liner : centrifugal casting-annealing-machining of raw material outer circle-machining of raw material inner hole-semi-finished product turning outer circle-quenching-non-destructive testing-hot installation (and hot installation of outer clamp).

How to correctly install the mud pump cylinder liner ?

For some equipment, the main requirement is installation. The use of mud pump liners is also such. Compared with other components, the mud pump liner is the most easily damaged part of the drilling pump. Therefore, attention should be paid to its installation operation.

  • It is forbidden to throw, hit or hit the mud pump cylinder liner. When it is necessary to put down the cylinder liner, it should be done slowly.

  • After installation, the eccentric wear between the metal parts of the piston and the inner wall of the mud pump cylinder liner will not occur. If eccentric wear occurs, it should be corrected as soon as possible.

  • It is strictly forbidden to directly hit the cylinder liner with heavy objects such as hammers. When hitting the ball, materials such as wood should be cushioned to prevent cushioning from light impacts.

  • When the equipment is stopped for a long time in winter below 0℃ (judged according to the freezing speed of the local area), the mud sucked into the room should be discharged to prevent the mud pump cylinder liner from freezing and cracking.

  • Before installing the piston, it is necessary to check the outer surface of the metal head of the piston for damage such as bumps, damage, and deformation. Otherwise, it will damage the piston cylinder liner of the mud pump and cause cracks.

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