What Are the Types of Mud Pump Cylinder Liner Classification?

There are several types of cylinder liners for a common mud pump : single metal cylinder liner, bimetal cylinder liner, ceramic cylinder liner, and nickel-based alloy cylinder liner.

Mud Pump Cylinder Liner : Single Metal Cylinder Liner

After carburizing and high-frequency treatment, the hardness of a single metal cylinder liner can reach HRC58-62. It has the characteristics of high cleanliness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life. It is suitable for mild corrosive mud.

Mud Pump Cylinder Liner : Bimetal Cylinder Liner

The bimetal cylinder liner is one of the most commonly used hydraulic end fittings for mud pumps. The bimetal cylinder liner has the advantages of a heat-forged high wear-resistant coating and a high chromium wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant inner liner. The outer sleeve is made of high-quality carbon steel by hot pressing, and the inner sleeve is made of high-chromium cast iron by centrifugal casting. The tensile strength of the outer sleeve is higher than 900,000 psi. After heat treatment, the hardness of the inner liner reaches HRC62, and it can withstand 7,000 pounds per square inch. With high mud pressure, the inner and outer surfaces are lubricated like a mirror, and the inner hole size tolerance is strict. The normal service life can reach more than 800 hours.

Mud Pump Cylinder Liner : Nickel-Based Alloy Cylinder Liner

With the continuous progress of science and technology, new materials, such as nickel-based alloy cylinder liners, have been developed. The technology is to cover the alloy material on the inner wall of the cylinder liner, and use vacuum sintering technology to form a 1.5mm alloy sintered layer.

The sintered layer material uses high-performance rare earth nickel-based alloy powder added with a micron-level hard alloy material. The micron-level high wear-resistant hard particles are evenly distributed in the sintered layer, effectively improving the wear resistance of the entire sintered layer.

At the same time, there will be no alloy arrangement and fineness, such as peeling arrangement. Because the powder has good sintered layer and good bonding strength, the Rockwell hardness of the sintered layer reaches HRC:60-64.

Mud Pump Cylinder Liner : Ceramic Cylinder Liner

Ceramic cylinder liner is a data system of zirconium oxide, zirconium oxide-toughened alumina (ZTA) and high-performance A-99 alumina ceramics. The raw materials use high-purity nano zirconia and alumina powder, which are formed by cold pressing, high-temperature sintering, assembly and high-precision grinding. It has high bending strength, tensile strength, fracture toughness and acid-alkali corrosion resistance.

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